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5 ways to improve your business and save money using fuel tanks that work for you

1. Realize the efficiency of using tanks that don’t require secondary containment pans.

Rezervor mobil de combustibil

Double-walled fuel tank with pump fittings, port and connections housed inside integral secondary containment eliminate the need for secondary containment pan. Such an all-in-one enclosed package can save you the inconvenience and hassle of maintaining secondary containment pans and keep your fuel tanks cleaner and safer for the environment.


“...a typical secondary containment pan will collect an oil and water mix from rain and fuel spillage. The liquid needs to be pumped out before a pan can be moved to a different location.  Some contractors may charge about $150 to clean one containment pan, and many companies are paying for this or more times a month.

Consider how eliminating this could impact your bottom line.” Fuel Distribution Company






• Containment pan cleaning cost

• Logistics-enclosed tank & containment packages are more efficient to transport

2. Use fuel tanks built and approved to transport specifications to allow “full tank” transportation.

Rezervor mobil de combustibil


Tanks built and approved to global transport specifications guarantee a robust and safe construction that will stand up to the rigors of full tank transportation and provide protection from fuel surges that can destabilize vehicles.

Being able to drop full tanks at a location and pick up partially full tanks without having to empty or clean can be very beneficial operationally.



“...typically if a tank needs to be moved, any remaining fuel would first have to be pumped out. Whether the tank is nearly empty or almost full, unused fuel goes to waste and valuable dollars go out the window." Fuel Distribution Company






• Initial fuel truck location visit to fill a newly delivered tank

• Emptying costs prior to tank pick-up

3. Use fuel tanks that are designed for safe and easy handling while full.

Rezervor mobil de combustibil

Many fuel tanks available today are designed around manufacturing costs. However, it can be very worthwhile looking further or investing for tanks that are designed to be safely and easily stored and handled while full, and that carry certifications and approvals that ensure safety for the environment and operator.


“Traditional fuel tanks are not designed to be moved while of fuel. As a result many contractors will hire welding shops or fabricators to modify these types of tanks to include eye hooks or other features that would enable the tanks to be hoisted by crane.

Nine out of 10 times a modified tank might do the job just fine, but it can be problematic because generally there's no real engineering involved. It's usually just a guy in a shop making adjustments to what appears to be a structurally sound unit.

Unfortunately, in the fall of 2008, possibly due to inadequately spaced eye hooks or some similar engineering failure, a modified tank on the site was unable to contain a fuel surge as it was being moved, causing several hundred gallons of diesel fuel to be spilled. Needless to say, this incident immediately brought some serious environmental and safety concerns to light." Tank Rental Company


• Time and Efficiency

• No additional safety modifications

• Emptying and re-filling for a relocation

4. Reduce set-up and service time with tanks that offer easy access and security for fittings and dispensing equipment.

Rezervor mobil de combustibil
Traditional fuel tank configurations often mean that ports, pump and fittings are mounted along the top of the tank where they are vulnerable to the elements and difficult to access. Tanks that are designed with integral lockable equipment cabinets where all fittings are housed enable quick and easy configuration for fast on-site set-up while ensuring fuel security, weather protection and environmental safety.


“...our guys would be running around all day to get parts because we never knew what a given tank had for fittings and connections. It became not just a hassle, but a serious problem that was costing us man-hours and money ...once all of the parts and components are in hand to accommodate the tank style they are faced with, the next challenge is to get the unit configured for use. This can usually involve unsafe tasks of climbing, using ladders and straddling spill areas filled with hazardous waste. We have a tank set up where a heater is running off a quick connect, and then we also have a transfer pump in the integral lockable cabinet. So they can fill up any equipment they want that runs of diesel and keep the heater going at the same time. We've seen this type of tank became almost more important from a customer relations perspective because tank and equipment setup can be accomplished in about 10 to 15 minutes, compared to what was sometimes a four-hour process with traditional style tanks—a very significant difference for productivity-conscious clients." Power Rental Company

• Increased setup speed and efficiency
• Theft or damage to dispensing equipment and fuel



4. Increase tank life and deliver cleaner fuel with tank designs that allow interior maintenance and inspection.

Rezervor mobil de combustibilDouble-walled tanks that allow access to the space between the two walls and also have a manway access to the inner tank enable companies to carry out complete maintenance and inspection programs to lengthen the service life of their tank fleet. A properly maintained tank with clean inner tank and double-wall area will also ensure clean fuel.

Our innovative double-wall tank designs allow complete dismantling of inner tank from outer tank, giving the opportunity for maintenance and repairs that would otherwise be impossible.

• Longer tank service life
• Easier inspection, cleaning and maintenance

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